EuridicesFounder, international coordinator, and, president of ARSGAMES Mexico (and deputy president of ARSGAMES Spain). Curator in TransitioMX 06. Graduated in philosophy, specialized in philosophy of technology, and has a master’s degree in logic and philosophy of science, and a degree as a neurosciences expert. Her published articles, papers, and course contents total more than 40 published works, among them the book Gamestar(t): pedagogías libres en la intersección entre el arte, la tecnología y los videojuegos (Gamestar[t]: Free Pedagogies in the Intersections of Art, Technology, and Video games). The book compiles the contents of a course on learning evaluation systems in Simulexus simulators (a project for the National Plan for Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation, and the European Social Fund). She also coordinated “Jóvenes, Tecnofilosofía y Arte digital” (“Young People, Techno-Philosophy and Digital Art,” a special monographic issue for INJUVE. She has organized and participated as a lecturer in several national and international conferences and seminars related to philosophy, technology, video games, art, and neuroscience.