Maru has collaborated on cultural projects with the Museum of the City of Mexico, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Brazil, the Essex Gallery in London, the Laboratory of Resonance and Investigation of Nature, Alumnos 47, the Experimental Museum El Eco and Hungary Editions. She has also carried out editorial projects for artists such as Ariel Guzik, Diego Pérez, Juan José Gurrola, Tatiana Musi, Alejandro Magallanes, José Miguel González Casanova, Sofía Olascoaga and Abraham Cruzvillegas among others. Her work was included in the Paris Book Fair (2009) and in the independent publications fair’s first and third editions of the Carrillo Gil Museum of Art book in Mexico City. She participated in the summer program at Werkplaats Typografie, the Dutch school of typography and publications. She recently founded Aeromoto, a public library, and Cacamotic, a space dedicated to graphic experimentation. She collaborated as designer in the conceptualization of a tool for the proprietors of the Mercado La Dalia.