Casa d’O earned his bachelor’s degree in Communication in Mexico, and a master’s in Hypermedia Studies in London, England, with a scholarship from CONACYT. He has taken diverse courses in photography, cinematography and scriptwriting. Professionally, he has worked in production and postproduction of multiple audio-visual projects, both private and public. His personal projects are characterised by the convergence between narrative and experimentation, the use of low vs. high tech video technology, recovery of material, and manipulating images and exploring them using sound design. Additionally, he uses music to deepen the functions of melody and rhythm as elements that determine the forms in which we communicate. Projects he has worked on have been presented in festivals and exhibitions of cinema and experimental video in Mexico, France, the USA, Canada, Germany, and Brazil. In the last several years, he has concentrated on scriptwriting for feature films and collaborated in the musical project NOHOCH. Marco collaborated with inSite as cameraman for the video for Mauricio Limon’s work.