lourdes_teranLourdes Cruz Terán is a biologist and graduate of the Science School at UNAM and professor of biological sciences focused on ecology restoration at UNAM’s Instituto de Ecología. She is highly experienced in management of natural resources, environmental education, community work, and in design and implementation of environmental projects. She has managed and developed community projects for the Technology Transfer Program of the Comisión Nacional Forestal aimed at education, promotion of swamp ecosystems, as well as the implementation of restoration methodology for such ecosystems. She has also worked as an independent consultant for Petróleos Mexicanos in restoration projects of swamp ecosystems in the state of Veracruz. She has researched, classified, and developed methodologies for the study of wetlands in Mexico, as part of the Wetlands National Inventory Project made by UNAM’s Instituto de Ingeniería, CONACYT, and CONAGUA. She coordinated the Urban Agriculture and Green Areas project for the Cuauhtémoc + Verde Program from the Environmental Management Direction of the Cuauhtémoc Delegación (County), to implement urban gardens in public spaces. She is currently Director of Custodia de la Biodiversidad Medio Ambiente y Cultura Popular (Environmental Biodiversity and Popular Culture Conservation, CUSBIOMAC A.C.), a nonprofit organization, which for the past ten years has focused on different environmental and cultural issues concerning and involving society. She is also a member of El Estanquillo el 32, a project dedicated to promoting responsible consumption and local development by selling artisans’ products and by organizing environmental workshops. Lourdes Cruz collaborates with Casa Gallina as an advisor and coordinator for a neighborhood urban garden on Torres Bodet Street.