SamiSami is an herbalist with an academic background who has trained with healers and traditional midwives. She has researched medicinal plants and topics related to farming, landscape, culture, women, the sociocultural construction of health and illness, and plants as bearers of cultural knowledge. She currently has a pharmacy in Mexico City and practices herbal medicine; she teaches uses and growth of medicinal plants and participates in design and implementation projects dedicated to medicinal gardens. Sami founded the Ambrosía Apoteca Herbolaria Project. She is mainly interested in recovering, reevaluating, reinterpreting, and defining medicinal uses of Mexican plants, while advocating for the responsible use of such plants and herbs by building awareness in people as a result of their direct relationship with the plants and with the place where they grow. She considers plants themselves as the best instructors and guides. Sami collaborated with inSite/Casa Gallina as an instructor of the Heal Yourself at Home: Health Care with Kitchen Herbs Workshop.