Alejandro-RamírezAnimation and conceptual director. In 2009, with other animators, Alejandro founded the Llamarada Animación Studio. He has directed Sin juicio (No Judgment, 2010), Las tardes de Tintico (Tintico’s Afternoons, 2012), and Jardín de las delicias (Garden of Earthly Delights, 2015). Accolades include Samtolo (2013), winner of the Best Animated Short Film (as part of the Ciudad Intervenida Project), at the XI Morelia International Film Festival; winner of the Best National Short Film in the Animasivo Festival, 2014. He teaches animation at the Mexican SAE Institute and the Morelia University. He has been a juror at the Ninth Edition of the Short Shorts Film Festival in Mexico; at the IMCINE’s 12th National Competition for Short Film Promotion; the Second Edition of the Tlanchana Fest; the Mapping International Festival; and has been a lecturer in different parts of the country.