veronica_gerberShe has a bachelor’s degree in visual art from the ENPEG, La Esmeralda, and a master’s in art history from UNAM; her dissertation, Manual de fotografía anónima, received an Honorable Mention by the 2014 National Essay Award on Photography. She is a visual artist and includes writing as part of her work: she has taught workshops on visual writing, abstract writing, and mural writing at different cultural institutions in the country. She has also been a professor of art theory and drawing in different colleges and universities. She is the editor of Tumbona Ediciones, and professor of the Photographic Production Seminar at the Centro de la Imagen. Verónica Gerber has published the following books: Mudanza (2010) and Conjunto vacío (2015), which had received the Aura Estrada III International Literature Award in 2013. In 2017, she collaborated with Casa Gallina teaching Writing and Images, the fifth unit of the Participative Journalism Workshop.