Kahlo (Mexico City, 1988) has worked as a chef in catering companies and renowned restaurants in Mexico City such as Nicos, Morimoto and Pujol. He has worked with chefs such as Alicia Gironella, Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, Enrique Olvera, Ohno Takehiro, Rick Bayless, Mikel Alonso. Currently, he is serving as executive chef for Thermomix Mexico, giving workshops for Weber Grills and is the owner of a catering business. His work has been recognized by national and international institutions such as PAHO (Pan American Health Association), OMS (World Health Association), and the government of Peru. He has experience teaching Mexican cooking and has given workshops for educational institutions such as UIA (Iberoamerican University) and the Coronado Institute. He has given conferences in diverse national congresses for nutrition and has participated on the jury of gastronomical competitions.