Servitje studied art history at the Institute of High Culture, completing her thesis on Origins and the Cuban Vanguard, which lent its structure to her eponymous exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, in October 2000. Since then, she has participated on boards of independent projects and various museums. In 2005, she earned her Masters of Art Studies at the Iberoamerican University. She is currently director of the Board of Contemporary Art A.C., Vice President of the Board of Friends of the Museum of Modern Art, Treasurer of the Olga and Rufino Tamayo Foundation, President of the Board at SOMA, Vice President of the Board at MUAC, and member of the International Council of MoMA in New York. Servitje joined Casa Gallina Mexico as President of the Board. Her work is focused on supporting those niches in the world of contemporary art that other larger associations do not cover, such as the work of independent curators and spaces, and the creation of forums such as the Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory (SITAC) .