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Lartigue is a choreographer, performer, teacher and lighting expert. She graduated from the Hoger Instituut voor Dans (Antwerp, Belgium). She has collaborated with scenic artists and artists from other disciplines such as Esthel Vogrig, Juan Francisco Maldonado, Fernando Renjifo, Mitrovica, Tamara Cubas, Katia Castañeda, Allora & Calzadilla (Compass Gallery Kurimanzutto), Dharma, Karlheinz Essl (Festival Music & Scene 2011), Yoshua Okon, NoraNewDance and Gloria Godinez. She is currently developing the project, Language Is a Virus (William S. Burroughs). She received the FONCA Young Creators programs scholarship in 2008 and 2012. She is part of the musical group Los Vecinos del Ritmo (The Neighbors of Rhythm). She is the co-author of the books Dance 1 and Dance 3 for secondary (Ek editors) and of Interferences: The Book, (Cante, CASLP 2012). She has collaborated with many magazines, including: The Tempest (Mexico), the magazine of the University Tadeo Lozano (Colombia), Paso de Gato, registromx and DCO (Mexico). She is part of the international project of collective creation INTERFERENCE and of the Collective AM. Lartigue collaborated as choreographer and adviser on Erick Meyenberg’s film.