heby(ciudad de México, 1990). She graduated from UNAM’s School of Architecture, and her postgraduate studies were from La Villete National School of Architecture in Paris, and England’s Birmingham School of Architecture. Since 2011, she has worked for government institutions, architecture offices, and film production companies in the fields of architectural, graphic, and industrial design. She has also participated in architectural exhibits, and in national and international conferences on architecture, design, and urbanism, as well as in the coordination of the Regional Family Housing Units (VUR, as per Spanish acronym), prototypes for the INFONAVIT’s VI International Sustainable Housing Forum. In 2014, she worked at the National Museum of Art (MUNAL, as per Spanish acronym), in the designfor the following exhibits: Consumption, Prix Pictet —with the Victoria and Albert Museum of London—Landscapes of the Mind: British Landscaping, Tate Collection, 1690–2007, —with London’s Tate Britain— and in the preliminary design for Yo el Rey. La monarquía hispánica en el arte (I, the King:. The Spanish Monarchy in Art).

In 2016, she developed the graphic image for the Co-gestionando el Parque Niza project, for the Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas, in the First International Conference to Rethink Creative Cities, promoted by Mexico City. Based in Mexico City, Heby is currently working on sustainable architectural projects of JC Arquitectura, and for Architectural Workshop & Partners.