ItzelItzel Martínez is a film director, photographer, and producer. She has developed documentaries in joint collaboration projects since 2000, exploring different methods and their audiovisual potential. She is the director of Cuarto Propio, a creative and management project in Tijuana; she is the founder and programming director of BorDocs Foro Documental in the northern border of Mexico. She has been a professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, and the Universidad Iberoamericana. She currently directs Transmedios in Tijuana. From 2010 to 2014, Itzel Martínez developed projects for Polen. She was accorded a fellowship from FONCA, and has won several awards, including the IMCINE for Project Development, as well as awards from FORPOCINE, FOECA, and PACMYC. From August to November 2016, she gave (or directed?) the Máquina de Pensar y de Sentir (the Thinking and Felling Machine) workshop as well as the Animation for Children workshop at Casa Gallina. She is currently developing a co-participative project with a group of nine children from Santa María La Ribera.