IMG_2844His artwork is based on the concepts of community and power. Using playful dynamics to encourage independence and critical thinking, Ontiveros’s collective projects promote the development of intersubjective poetics among his collaborators, who use different means of expression such as videos, painting, and drawing. Ontiveros has held twenty-two one-man exhibits and has participated in more than ninety collective exhibits. In Mexico, at the Galería Alternativa Once; in San Pedro, N.L. at the Pinacoteca and the Centro de las Artes de Nuevo León; at the Galería Sector Reforma, Guadalajara; and in Mexico City at the Casa del Lago and at the Centro de la Imagen. His international exhibits have included La Maison Rouge and the Institut du Mexique, in Paris; the Whitebox Art Center, New York; Magyar Muhely Galéria in Budapest; Contempo Space, Varna, Bulgaria; Musée International des Arts Modestes, Sète, France; T-Art Space, Beijing; the Seoul Museum of Art, Korea; Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz, Bolivia; Casa de México in Buenos Aires; and the Centro Nacional de las Artes in San Salvador.