2012-03-20_10-33-35_419For over 25 years, Osuna has been a research professor at the Ecology and Natural Resources Department, at the School of Sciences, UNAM. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master’s degree in plant biology, and a PhD in sciences from UNAM. She was a post-doctoral resident for two years as a professor of grains at the School of Agronomy at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her area of specialty is plant physiology, specifically the physiology of seeds. For the past 20 years she has dedicated her studies to the propagation of medicinal plants used in Mexico. She has co-authored the books: Catálogo de semillas de plantas medicinales (Seeds of Medicinal Plants Catalogue) and Propagación de plantas medicinales (Propagation of Medicinal Plants), as well as of didactic games such as: “Lotería de plantas medicinales de mercado” (“Market Medicinal Plants Lottery”), and “Plantas medicinales de huertos familiares” (“Medicinal Plants in Family Gardens”), a memory card game. She collaborated with Casa Gallina, teaching Propagación de plantas medicinales (Propagation of Medicinal Plants) as part of the Herbal Workshop.