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Rodrigo Bustamante (b.1981) earned his bachelor’s degree in sociology at UNAM. He is a founding member of ADECO (Actions for Community Development), where he was president until 2009. He has been coordinator of the program Tlanana: jóvenes y autogestión (Tlanana: youths and self-management), and of the projects Tamuje Orá, Capacitación y Desarrollo (Tamuje Orá, Training and Development), in collaboration with the Tarahumara José A. Llaguno Foundation and has worked at Centers of Educative Transformation (CTE), a program of the Mexico City Education Department. He participated in the Grupo Promotor de la Red de Incidencia Civil en Educación (ICI) and in the project of the UNAM Ecology Institute entitled Lacandonia Schismática. He has collaborated as investigator of Studies and Strategies for Development and Equity (EPADEQ) in conjunction with the office of the High Commission of the United Nations for Human Rights in Mexico (OACNUDH) and with the Center of Studies for the Metropolitan Zone, amongst others. Bustamante collaborated in the first mapping of Santa Maria commissioned by Casa Gallina.