IMG_2349He studied creative writing at the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México. Poetry, chronicles, essays, and children’s stories are the core of his work. He is co-author, with Daniel Espartaco Sánchez, of La muerte del pelícano, a novel published by Ediciones B. Among his recent works are El genio de la familia (2014), published by Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro, and the collection of poems Los dones subterráneos, Editorial Posdata.

He has taught at Mexican universities and has been a frequent collaborator with magazines such as Tierra Adentro, Variopinto, Nexos, Picnic, and Vice; he has been editor in chief of the magazines Aguja al norte and of the first season of HermanoCerdo. He is currently the editor and collaborator of the cultural blog Terrario, and directs the community newspaper Rivera Ribera in the barrio, where he has lived for several years.