Marisol-TorresShe has a bachelor’s degree in administration, specialized in management skills. She is also a cosmetologist and an instructor of skin care and improvement, aromatherapy and herbalism at different institutions: the Instituto de Cosmetología y Cosmiatria Integral S.C. and the Instituto Tzapin. Since 2008, she has been a professor in the Alternative Medicine Program of the Universidad de Chapingo. She currently teaches Natural Cosmetology and Spa Treatments at the Instituto Tzapin. She founded the Amaité Grupo Corporativo S.A. de C.V., a cosmetics company that offers workshops, courses and training devoted to natural handmade cosmetics, and spa management under the trademark Muyal. It also markets and distributes cosmetic and treatment products. She currently collaborates with inSite/Casa Gallina designing and teaching the Natural Cosmetics Workshop.