Trujillo is a filmmaker, film-performer, film cycle programmer and co-founder of projects Trinchera Assemble and Experimental Film Laboratory (LEC). He has taught film workshops at the Artistic Links Unit (UVA) at Tlatelolco University Cultural Center (UNAM), at the Tamayo Museum, at the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM), the Foundation for Contemporary Art in Montevideo Uruguay, and in community projects about visual culture like the documentary workshop for Ingenios Culturales Comunitarios in Cuernavaca Morelos—a workshop to create the documentary Transfer of audiovisual media to indigenous urban adolescents for the Ministry of Culture DF / Wings and Roots; and in the Audiovisual Itinerant Camp (CAI). He is currently developing the program Arké-ELEGÍAS: Dearchive the File and Create Community, a community project devoted to rescuing archive material. He taught the intensive video documentary production and editing course as part of the Training platform at Casa Gallina.