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Nardini is an Italian-Dominican-Mexican choreographer and interpreter who has studied a multitude of disciplines: she holds a degree in Choreography from the National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance (Mexico), Rhythms Dance Space (Dom. Rep.), American Dance Festival (US), PAF Summer University (France), she received the scholarship danceWEB (09) at ImpulsTanz Festival (Vienna) and completed the Multimedia Center Cenart workshops focused on video management using software such as MaxMSP and vvvv among others. Her work is developed through various media such as video and interactive platforms and explores unconventional devices and formats. From 2002 to 2009, she worked with Los Platelmintos, a group of artists who integrate dance, music, video and electronic media as platforms for experimentation. As a choreographer, she has been supported by the PAPIAM (Multimedia Center / Conaculta) for the production of the works Vista and 0.5 m2. She received a scholarship from the Fonca Young Creators program in the area of multimedia for creating the works El hipergesto and La matraca. She has collaborated with artists from various disciplines such as: Juan Francisco Maldonado, Ana Tricao, Alejandro Romero, Robin de Courcy, Ernesto Romero, Erick Meyenberg, Emiliano Rocha and others. She is part of the AM Collective. Vogrig worked as a choreography consultant on the Erick Meyenberg project.