maxresdefault-(1)For more than twenty years, the work of artist and activist Lorena Wolffer (Mexico City, 1971) has been a clear statement of her resistance and the intersection between art and activism. Her artistic work is centered on issues about cultural gender construction, while defending the rights, actions, and voices of women, and of their freedom over their own body. She has also produced, facilitated, and curated dozens of projects dealing with a vast array of issues that have been shown at museums, in public spaces, and on television. She has also created radical projects of cultural intervention with different communities of women and designed new pedagogical models to develop and encourage specific collective knowledge; such projects have been produced in an arena that recognizes the pertinence of experimental languages and that erases the border between what is known as high culture and pop culture. The work of Wolffer —building a platform for voices, representations, and narratives of those who are usually invisible in the Mexican context— opens possibilities for realities based on respect and equality. Wolffer participated as a guest commentator for the presentation of Ontiveros’s project.