Entorno Taller de Paisaje is a team of landscape artists and architects headed by Tonatiuh Martínez Maldonado and Hugo Ignacio Sánchez Toledo, who, since 2004, have been dedicated to develop, produce, and supervise cabinet projects. Their Studio in Caltongo, Xochimilco, is an experimental workshop that includes materials as well as native plants used in the development of projects, whose emphasis is on less ornamental species to promote the enjoyment of natural landscapes.

Entorno considers nature as a constant process that invites individuals to learn how to live with the natural environment, beyond certain fads in current ecology and sustainability practices.

Entorno has had the opportunity to work with architects such as Alberto Kalach, Isaac Broid, Teodoro González de León, Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Mauricio Rocha, Saana, Rojkind and Rick Joy, as well as with cultural and governmental institutions that have encouraged the team to experiment with different environments in the country. As a contribution to inSite/Casa Gallina, Entorno designed and built the garden at Casa Gallina.