Built by Siqueiros after he came out of prison in 1964, La Tallera is a studio-home in the City of Cuernavaca. The space shares its curatorial program with the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros in Mexico City, both directed by Taiyana Pimentel. Siqueiros lived in La Tallera and it was there that he continued working on his murals and began La marcha de la humanidad, a mural currently located at the Polyforum Siqueiros. La Tallera’s mission is to promote research on David Alfaro Siqueiros’ legacy; it is also committed to safeguard the artistic work and the archives that the muralist donated to the people of Mexico. Our project generates a dialogue with contemporary art production based on three core premises in David Alfaro Siqueiros’s philosophy: his concept of public concerning artistic works; the relation between art and politics; and the constant experimentation with different media.