The exhibit displayed work that Rafiki Sánchez, Edgardo Aragón, and Cadu had made for the co-participative program sponsored by inSite/Casa Gallina.

Vestigios (Vestiges), 2017—18, was the result of the process guided by Rafiki Sánchez with a group of neighbors interested in the mourning and symbolic loss of a person either by physical or emotional absence. The piece was made with vestiges of a ceremony: a pile of ashes and a beautiful veil as a relic. Proposed by the artist, the ritual re-created the absent body in the emotional world made visible by means of a large conic sculpture made of reed covered with a mixture of ashes and water.

In Depresión tropical (Tropical Depression), 2014—16, Edgardo Aragón refers to the work developed with two young neighbors: Abraham, a biologist born in the state of Guerrero, and Joel, a former soldier now a DJ specialized in Colombian music. The piece is a result of a process led by the artist that included planting, growing, harvesting, and preparing coffee. The coffee bush became the main character for which Aragón staged a complex mise-en-scène, which was then recorded in a two-channel video that was shown to the audience.

Soy mandala (I Am Mandala) was the result of Cadu’s project in a joint effort with a group of senior female dancers who live in Santa María La Ribera. The piece is a video-installation and a large mandala. The video shows the ritual when the women danced a choreographed danzón while unraveling a crocheted mandala knitted by a group of young activists.

Among the activities for the opening, a roundtable was held where Rafiki Sánchez and Edgardo Aragón spoke about the research and production processes of their pieces with art historian Luis Vargas Santiago.