Synergies combines a number of specific actions in the neighborhood to generate alliances and creative actions that have an impact on the community’s imaginary or that motivate citizens’ consensus for the benefit of the barrio. Thus, Synergies links solidarity initiatives with economic and professional networks.

Solidarity synergies may include dissimilar fields of action or collaboration as well as processes of different duration with very different types of support. The main objective of Synergies is to promote local economy in existing family businesses or to add quality or expertise to active services and businesses in the barrio. In brief, this platform seeks to re-energize the neighborhood’s social life and the efficiency of the local economy.

Through Synergies, Casa Gallina links the community with experts and artists. The implicit agreement is that those benefited by these efforts will give some sort of social service back to the barrio, thereby creating a different model of assistance or collaboration.

An example of synergies already underway has been the program to improve services, image and infrastructure in some family businesses in the area. We invite experts in fields such as architecture, industrial and interior design to discuss different issues with the owners of several local businesses. As a result, the groups define concepts that address the needs and concerns of business owners who wish to transform and improve their businesses. Another synergy has been specifically targeted at family and local restaurants, with the specific goal of helping in the design and printing of their menus, including the descriptions of the dishes.